Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a supportive and healthy housing environment for residents who are committed and active in their recovery while gradually transitioning to every day life with the realization that they can live and succeed in their community.

Stalwart’s Santa Barbara Sober Living Homes Provide

  • Safe and secure affordable housing for people that are serious about their recovery efforts
  • Managers and assistants on all properties
  • Two person rooms
  • In-house recovery meetings
  • Random drug urinalysis and alcohol screening
  • Accountability in curfew, 12 step compliance, house chores and mutual respect for others
  • Subsidized food staples
  • Certified standards regarding state compliance with sober living guidelines (CAARR)
  • Professional collaboration with all concerned placement agencies
  • Empathetic regard for men and women in their recovery endeavors
  • Dues at Stalwart are $190.00 per week